Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you for your high confidence in Babel Tourism Company. As Babel Company, its main goal is to meet your requests and provide the best travel services and tourist offers at prices commensurate with all levels for individuals, companies and institutions.
We strive as a business group for the company to provide assistance in planning your trips, because our tourist offers are the most innovative and the best prices, as our services vary to include flight reservations, hotels, tourist tours, floating hotels, tour group trips, Hajj, Umrah and tourist transport.

Nineteen years have passed since the inception of Babel Tourism Company and today is a harmonious edifice that occupies a prominent position in the forefront of the leading companies in this field to remain in the forefront of companies locally and globally and what we have reached today is only another starting point by which we proceed to new and large horizons the size of our ambitions and aspirations, To be a real addition to the travel and tourism procession, to make the difference and to be the perfect choice for those looking to travel with the best service and the lowest cost.

Our keen interest in the policy of credibility, honesty and respect with our partners that we meet them all requirements .. and cooperation with them to create an environment of transparency from the principle of respect and appreciation resulted in the birth of credibility and long-term customers, whether from government agencies and institutions or major companies.
And I am honored that the staff of Babel Tourism Company have extensive experience and skill in the tourism field in all its types, to ensure to your attendees the best possible service.
In conclusion, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the employees and members of the administration for their commitment to walk in order to achieve the goals and vision of the company, and we promise you that we will continue to focus our efforts on developing the skills and capabilities of the team while working to achieve the goals and aspirations of our valued customers.

Ayman Elkersh